Countdown App for iPhone

Countdown to all your big days. See how many days are left until the holiday, party, wedding day, birthdays, payday, meeting, christmas, ski trip with friends, graduation, halloween or other important days in your life.

The badge on the App icon will show you how many days you have added. Share your days with your friends.

Nedräknings app - iCountdown Pro

Pictures – iCountdown Pro – The Count Down App

Nedräknings app - Meny - iCountdown
Räkna dagar - bakgrundsbild - iCountdown
Nedräknings app - Meny - iCountdown
Skapa nytt event - Nedräknings app

Key features – Countdown

  • See all your important day sorted into a list.
  • Add days to your friends via Facebook, email and Twitter.
  • Save to your photo album and use as wallpaper.
  • Move around / place time box anywhere on the screen.
  • Select your own picture from your Photo album or Image Stream.
  • Double-tap on the counter frame to change color and shape. 12 different shapes are included
  • Up to 20 different days.
  • High quality graphics for retina display on iPhone 4/5.
  • The badge on the App icon will show how many days you have added. This function can be turned on/off in the settings.
  • Change the default texts: ‘Days until’ and ‘Days since’ to whatever you like.

Try before buy

Download iCountdown Lite and test the application before your buy! Same core functionality as the Pro version but limited to one day.

Download iCountdown Lite

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